Сборки от Габена

Далеко зашёл

CS2 or fully called Counter Strike Global Offensive is a much-loved network shooter, notably due to team games, which not collaterally gained popularity on amazing cosmetic items (skins) but rather mainly became nationally loved by providing the enjoyment of virtual pixels possession in users inventories. Having tried item customization and personal character unique creation, users created a previously unknown demand for skins leading to price escalation of individual items, sometimes estimated at dozens of thousands of dollars.

Sure, the average Internet user of our country cannot always afford to buy skins to meet heart desires. Nevertheless, GetDrop gives an opportunity to get that very treasured skin at a cheap price and sometimes even for free.

Such resources are called "CS2 cases" and it’s based on simple reason. Let’s imagine artificial poke – which is both a case and if drawing parallels, the opportunity to pull out the coveted skin for a nominal fee or a pig. Sometimes, this kind of resources is called “free CS2 cases”. GetDrop is no exception. With no pitfalls, every user once an hour can try his luck among the others and try to become a happy owner of CS2 skins for free, and in case of bad luck, try again in an hour. For people who don’t like waiting, there is an opportunity to open cases cheaply, since GetDrop got cases from 0 rubles for bonuses that can be received in the bonus wheel daily. Our job lies in bringing emotions to our users. Remember that both positive and negative emotions are priceless. This is a kind of intangible product that cannot be touched, just like virtual CS2 skins, but you can master them once and try to get them again and again. The most important thing that GetDrop will give you - is emotions.

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